PRP Eye Rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma eye rejuvenation, or PRP eye rejuvenation, is a cosmetic, non-surgical process that tightens the skin around your face and eyes to give you a more youthful appearance. This process includes taking a small amount of blood from your arm and then separating the red blood cells and plasma so that the plasma, rich in platelets, can be reinjected into the skin around your eyes.

PRP eye rejuvenation is essentially tricking your skin into thinking that there is an injury at the site of injection or application and so the platelets help the skin create newer, tougher cells. It’s these cells that are responsible for the more youthful appearance that PRP promises. 

Here are some general benefits of getting PRP eye rejuvenation:

1. Because of how the platelets work on your skin, you will see results. Your skin will be stronger, fresher and mostly free of wrinkles (including those stubborn crow’s feet). This procedure can also help you with any troublesome acne scars and aging signs in general.

2. The effects last. Depending on your skin and your body, this process can leave you with better looking skin for anywhere between 12 months to two years. With some products, age is a factor in how well it works, but PRP has been shown to work on people of all ages.

Recommended for a series of 3 then maintenance treatment 1 -2 times a year.

PRP Eye Rejuvenation Pricing: 

1 treatment: $350

Series of 3: $900